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Snelling Holistic Health Newsletter November/December 2008

Navigating the Produce Section

Do you know where your fruits and vegetables come from? As the CSA and Farmers Market season winds down we may find ourselves back at the supermarket where we can’t ask the farmer how the food was raised. Well, there is a simple way to tell and I’ll share the secret with you. Every item in the produce section has a PLU number. This is a 4- or 5-digit number usually located near the bar code or on a sticker stuck directly to the item. A 4-digit number (1022) means it is conventionally grown. A 5-digit number beginning with a 9 (91022) means it was organically grown. But beware of a 5-digit number beginning with an 8 (81022). These items contain GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. It is best to avoid these “frankenfood” items as there has been no research on the results they can have on our bodies and our health. Be extra wary at membership warehouses. As much as I love Costco, I have found they have their own system, so there is no way of knowing if their produce is genetically modified or not! Organic is best (9 is fine), conventional is OK, but GMO is to be avoided (hatin’ 8)!

~Sherry Dour

Can Baking Soda Cure Cancer?
by Dr. Victoria Snelling

Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in America and is still a mystery to medical professionals despite their arsenal of drugs, surgery and radiation. There must be a kinder, gentler way!

A friend sent a web site to me which discussed how an Italian oncologist is treating cancer, very successfully, with bicarbonate of soda. I’ll admit to being skeptical, but I was intrigued by what I read and wanted to know more. Could this be a breakthrough in our understanding and treatment of a condition that affects way too many of us these days?

Dr. Tullio Simoncini has a medical practice in Rome. He seemed to follow a fairly conventional approach in treating his cancer patients until he had quite an epiphany about a possible cause of, and treatment for, cancer. He now treats many forms of cancer, from breast cancer to brain tumors and seemingly everything in between. His new protocol doesn’t involve a new wonder drug or a new surgical procedure, but it makes use of bicarbonate of soda, better known as baking soda. Yes, the yellow box in your kitchen cabinet! Dr. Simoncini’s book is called “Cancer is a Fungus” and you can read more on his web site, available in English, and it’s listed at the end of this article.

Dr. Simoncini states “When facing the most pressing contemporary medical problem, cancer, the first thing to do is to admit that we still do not know its real cause. A fungus infection - that of the Candida species - could supply the explanation for why a tumor occurs, and it is in this direction that research should move in the attempt to solve the problem of cancer once and for all.”

As I looked over his site, I wanted to know many things: how much research has been done with this protocol, what is his cure rate and survival rate, is there anything toxic about this treatment and are there any side effects? I do have some answers to these questions and I’m cautiously optimistic that his treatment might someday spread to the good ole USA. Right now, it seems to be available only in Italy.

Dr. Simoncini found that psoriasis responded really well when he treated it as a fungus. He then used bicarbonate of soda to treat babies with oral thrush, which is caused by the fungus, Candida albicans. He wondered if cancer could be caused by a fungus. Fungi are interesting. They behave differently from any other living critter. They seem to be half animal and half plant, and can burrow deeply and cling tenaciously to the host tissue they are ingesting. They can change form and their reproductive cycle can make them very hard to destroy. But maybe we’ve just been using the wrong substance to treat it. Dr. Simoncini talks about the protocol of applying sodium bicarbonate to tumors and other cancerous tissue. He has determined the optimum treatment time and frequency, and the treatment isn’t harmful to surrounding tissue. I was struck by how gentle his protocol appears to be.

His theory of the cause of cancer inspired me to consider other cancer treatments, especially nutritional approaches, and what they have in common. I thought about his assertion that cancer is inherently linked to fungus, and that he has found Candida in the core of tumors. I also thought about that wonderful doctor from Jackson, Tennessee who educated the world about the effects of yeast, or Candida albicans, on our health and how to eliminate it.

The doctor from Tennessee was William Crook, MD. He practiced in Jackson for 40 years and died there in October of 2002. Dr. Crook wrote 14 books, and “The Yeast Connection” might be the most well known of them all. His book introduced the world to the effect of Candida albicans and taught us that Candida doesn’t just cause yeast infections. It can also be systemic, or dispersed all throughout the body, and can be responsible for a whole host of symptoms that can easily be misdiagnosed. The good news is that the treatment is a change of diet, and perhaps a few supplements in the short term. He really left his mark on medicine and nutrition. He also left his mark on my family, as well.

When I was very young, my sleepwalking really worried my Mom. The turning point came when, on a family vacation, she found me as I was just about to get into an elevator in the middle of the night. Who knows where I was going! She took me to see Dr. Crook, who was a practicing pediatric allergist. He recommended that I avoid some of the most common allergens, such as wheat and dairy, as well as sugar. In just a few weeks, my sleepwalking stopped, never to return. My Mom was thrilled! Many years later, while I was attending chiropractic college, my Mom was having symptoms that were not being relieved by other means. She saw Dr. Crook, who had just published his ground-breaking book about Candidiasis. My Mom followed his recommendations very strictly for about a year, and her health improved dramatically. She looked vibrant, was full of energy and appeared at least 10 years younger. And her pesky symptoms disappeared. My Mom is still very youthful and we’re both very thankful to Dr. Crook. I’ve been happy to make use of his wonderful information to help my patients for the past 25 years.

What’s common to Dr. Crook’s yeast-free diet and the diet that supports Dr. Simoncini’s bicarbonate of soda treatment? The avoidance of sugar, and other high-glycemic foods, is crucial to eliminate not just yeast, but also bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These recommendations will also preserve a stable and healthy blood and tissue glucose level. Sugars lower the body’s pH level, making the body acidic. Without sugar and foods that quickly convert to sugar, the pH is normalized, and glands and organs are no longer working under constant stress. Foods that are quickly converted to sugar in the body have a high glycemic index, and include white flour products, white rice, other refined grains, white potatoes, corn and high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, fruit juices and, of course, sugar in any form. One easy way to improve your health and the health of your family is to read all the labels in your fridge and food pantry and throw away all the items containing high fructose corn syrup! If you are fighting off a virus, a yeast infection like Candidiasis, a fungus such as athlete’s foot or ringworm, or a bacterial infection, or yes, even cancer, please consider a sugar-free diet. Those organisms thrive on sugar and will consider you a most hospitable place to live. You will not completely get rid of an infection-of any kind-if you feed it its favorite food, no matter how many antibiotics, antiviral or antifungal drugs you take!

A diet rich in vegetables (with the exceptions listed above), whole fruits, moderate whole grains and moderate lean protein sources will keep the pH of the body balanced and will provide the nutrients needed to rebuild healthy body tissue. This type of balanced, whole food diet will assist the body in doing what it does best: eliminating toxins (including foreign invaders like bacteria, yeast, etc), replacing damaged cells and optimizing glandular function. Start with just one suggestion if you need to make changes more slowly. These recommendations will help you to improve your health and your vitality. You’ll start to feel really good, maybe for the first time in your life. The more suggestions you take to heart, the better your results will be. If you have chronic disease, a diagnosis of cancer, or if you suffer from recurrent infections of whatever type, the recommendations, especially with regard to sugar, are that much more important.

What can we expect as we make these healthy dietary changes and how will our bodies be different as the years go by? I think it’s never too late to recover your health and your vitality. Does this mean that my Candida-free Mom will never have to deal with a diagnosis of cancer? I’m optimistic, and I’m sure Dr. Crook would share that opinion.

I intend to keep up with Dr. Simoncini’s publications. If his approach is truly effective, no doubt it will come into wider use in Italy and then with the rest of Europe. I would love to see funding for well-thought out natural treatments for cancer. Perhaps we should think of pioneers such as this Italian oncologist when we’re considering making a contribution to cancer research.

Helpful web sites:

Helpful books:
“The Yeast Connection” by Dr. William Crook
“Sugar Blues” by William Dufty

Victoria Snelling, DC, DHM

Remededy Spotlight: Ambrosia

It’s ragweed season and people all over the country have got itchy, watery eyes; runny, sneezy noses; and sinus headaches galore! Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisifolia) is a problem from mid- to late summer into early fall or as late as December, depending on where you live. Windy weather spreads the pollen as far as several miles away. though the plant is so abundant, there is little need to travel so far for exposure! Generally, the threat of ragweed ends with the first hard frost, but until then, what to do about the itching, running and sneezing? Homeopathy to the rescue! Homeopathic Ambrosia art. is made from ragweed pollen and is especially helpful for those suffering from an allergy to ragweed. A low potency dose (30x or 30c) at regular intervals (1-2 times daily) will help to curb that allergic reaction so you can enjoy these beautiful early autumn days!
Ambrosia is not usually available in your local health food store. However, we do keep a supply in our office during Ragweed season. Contact us if you’d like a bottle! Call Sherry at 502-426-2033.

Natural Health Tip – Household Antiseptic for Flu Season

Want a dirt-cheap antiseptic that kills flu viruses on surfaces like doorknobs and countertops? Combine regular bleach with white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and you have a powerful antiviral/antiseptic solution. It's called "acidic bleach," and it spells instant death to superbugs, viruses, bacteria, molds and fungus. For EXTERNAL USE only, of course. Don't drink this, and don't put it in your food or water. Also, be sure to use this only in a well-ventilated area since the fumes from this mixture should not be inhaled.

Office Tidbits

Flu season is nearly upon us! Time to stock up on Oscillococcinum. One dose, taken monthly, may help to prevent the flu and is definitely less painful than a flu shot! Come into the office and pick up your box of Oscillo today! If you do get the flu (or someone in your household does) take it to relive symptoms and give each of your family members a dose for protection.

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